Unit of General Studies

The Unit of General Studies was established in order to cater for the General Education Program, which is an absolutely vital component of tertiary education.  Having such a unit will render both the required and elective courses to be relevant, enriching and appropriate.  In addition, they will feature both originality and modernity.

Ajman University has tailored the General Education Program based on its strategic vision and educational philosophy. It aims at providing students with a variety of competencies associated with a range of University requirements intended to lay the ground for their future progress and development academically as well as professionally.

The main purpose of the General Education Program (GEP) is to enable all students to attain the fundamental broad base of knowledge, skills and competences that all educated university adults must have regardless of their major or specialization.

General education courses are designed to establish strong, intellectual foundation for all specializations. They develop skill acquisition in oral and written communication, information technology, innovation, quantitative analysis, critical thinking as well as certain aspects in the humanities / arts, and natural sciences.

Also, the General Education Program seeks to develop in the students’ specific competences pertinent to enjoying autonomy and responsibility for their learning,

interaction with others, pursuing self – development and deploying what they have acquired in real life situations.

General Education Program Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the general education program the graduate will be able to:

  • Knowledge
    • Understand key concepts and issues in languages, religion, history, society, environment, and natural resources.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of basic principles in statistics, information technology, critical thinking and innovation, together with their applications.
  • Skill
    • Communicate effectively orally and in writing and deploy a range of presentation techniques.
    • Select and deploy a range of relevant information search/retrieval techniques, and appropriate tools.
  • Competence
    • Interpret and present quantitative data effectively.
    • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend multiple perspectives and formulate effective actions.
    • Take responsibility for their own future learning needs.

Offered General Education Courses

Every AU student is required to complete 30 credit hours in General Education covering the following areas: Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Languages, and Social Sciences and Humanities. After a review of all offered programs at AU, the Council of Academic and Scientific Affairs identified 24 out of the 30 credit hours of General Education courses that could be taken by all AU students of all specializations. In fact, the Unit of General Studies is responsible for offering 15 credit hours, that are compulsory to all students and 9 credit hours of university elective general education courses to be chosen from a large number of courses covering the different areas of General Education.