Tuition Fees and Financial Regulations


College/Institute Major Fee per one credit hour

Institute of Environment, Water and Energy

M. Sc. in  Groundwater Engineering & Management

AED 2,000

College of Engineering

MSc in Urban Design

AED 2,500

College of Business Administration

MBA: Human Resources Management

AED 2,000

MBA: Financial Management

MBA: Marketing

College of Information Technology

M. Sc. in Information Systems

AED 2,000

College of Law

Master of Law (Public Law)

AED 2,200

Master of Law (Private Law)

College of Education and Basic Sciences

Professional Diploma in Teaching

AED  700

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

M. Sc. in Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy)

AED 3,125

M. Sc. in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology)

College of Dentistry *

M. Sc. in Restorative Dentistry

AED 420,000 per program (3 years)

The University may and reserves the right to increase the fees up to 10% per academic year when deemed necessary.


In compliance with the regulations of the Federal Tax Authority, AU is obliged to apply the standard 5% VAT on its fees and taxable services starting Jan 1, 2018.