• UAE Students’ Scholarships: Applications must be submitted to Umm Al Moumineen Association.
  • Ajman Government Discount: Employees of Ajman Local and Federal Department shall be entitled to a fee waiver of 20 percent  
  • AU Staff Discounts: A permanent faculty and staff member who have completed two years will be given a discount for his/her family) wife/husband, sons, brothers/sisters) as per the scholarship & discount regulations.
  • Sibling Discount: All registered sibling students in any bachelor program are eligible for a discount ranging from 5% to 20% according to their birth order and that is after submitting a copy of both passports to the financial aid office. This discount is not subject to the AGPA condition.
  • High School Discount: Students admitted in the Dentistry or Pharmacy bachelor programs who have high school scores of 95% or higher, and Students admitted in other colleges who have high school scores of 90% or higher are eligible for a 20% Discount.

High School Discount will be given after obtaining the English Proficiency test and before the end of the Add & Drop period in the first semester. The discount will not be transferred to the following semester.

Secondary School Top Students: Top students in secondary schools around  the emirate of Ajman shall have the discount for the first semester only as explained in the following :

  • 50% First Top Student
  • 40% Second Top Student
  • 30% Third Top Student

Honor Discount: Students are eligible for a 20% discount if they pass 15 credit hours or more in the previous semester with a GPA of (3.8) or higher. Also students are eligible for a 10% discount if they pass 15 credit hours or more in the previous semester with a GPA of (3.6 - 3.799) or higher.

Top College Honor Discount: Top college honor students will get a discount in the next semester following their achievement as below:

  • 100% for the first college honor student
  • 75% for the second college honor student
  • 50% for the third college honor student 

General Instructions:

  • Fees for admission, training, housing, transportation, books and student services are excluded from these scholarships & discounts.
  • These discounts apply only to undergraduate studies.
  • Discounts are applicable only in the Fall & Spring semesters. Summer semester is not included
  • A scholarship does not cover any failed, prohibited, dropped courses (after the Add & Drop period has finished) within the required credit hours of the study plan.
  • Students cannot benefit simultaneously from more than one discount. In this case the higher discount will be applicable.
  • Grants and discounts are applied in accordance with the general conditions of the university