Deanship of Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) is a student-centered and key component of Ajman University, with the mission of serving, supporting, and empowering students throughout their academic journey.

The offices that make up the Deanship of Student Affairs are here help the students make their time at Ajman University as rewarding as possible. Working through an array of programs and services, they aim to promote the wellness and flourishing of every AU student.

The DSA provides resources dedicated to student health and wellness through various offices such as the Medical Clinics, the Sports Complex, the Office of Career and Placement Services and Counseling Unit, the Office of Alumni, etc. 

The DSA encourages student growth, exploration, and achievement by supporting and advising select student organizations, and by mentoring individuals to help them become thoughtful and successful leaders.

Operating under the DSA are the following offices:

  • Office of Student Affairs
  • Student Housing
  • Office of Career and Placement Services
  • Counseling Unit