Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of AU’s library and LRC are to:

  • Provide current library materials and databases that support the academic curriculum
  • Provide access to information resources, regardless of location
  • Collect library materials in all formats, broaden and update all collections to meet the needs of AUST’s programs and support the various aspects of the institution: teaching, training, research and services
  • Educate and assist college, students and staff in the identification and effective use of information resources
  • Continue to strengthen and update all collections to meet the needs of AU programs
  • Preserve AU’s collections and materials, and maintain and upgrade physical and technological infrastructure to enhance the quality of services
  • Recognize that a minimum expectable standard is one resource per topic per student
  • Meet or exceed accreditation standards 25
  • Provide access to library resources and servers via web pages and online recourses
  • Ensure that resources available are currently appropriate and accessible 24/7
  • Work closely with users; know their needs and interests
  • Put into practice the motto that building library resources is a continuous process
  • Enhance information literacy, especially in the student community, by developing effective plans aiming at improving student ability to:
    • Access information effectively and efficiently
    • Evaluate information and its sources critically
    • Understand economic, legal and social issues when using information
    • Access and use information critically and legally