Employability, How Ready Are You? Workshop at AU

Monday, Mar 20, 2017

Employability plays a major role in a graduating students life. The senior students from all colleges across the University got an interesting opportunity to enhance their employability chances by attending an interactive session “Employability, How ready are you?”. It was organized in conjunction with Pearson Education and Community Service Office of AQU

Mr. Fadi AbdulKhalek, a renowned speaker started the workshop by expressing their pleasure to be at Ajman University for the first time, to introduce the Career Success Program, which will be launched soon in the University to help its senior students increase their chances in finding better jobs. This is be an added advantage for the graduating students to be on top of the market level and acquire all the needed skills recommended by modern employers.

The secret factor that every employer is looking for called Grit, which stands for Growth, Resilience, Instinct, Tenacity and Robustness. Volunteer Student Lilas Alaadin took the Angela Duckworth Grit scale test to know where does she stands among the population. As every student who will participate in the career success course will get their own grit test and based on their personal results, the career success course will help them be grittier. Moreover, achieve their goals through case studies, online lecture, assignments for personal development and life hacks to practice on their next interview. Not to mention Mr. Fadi along with Ms. Dalia shed the light on the huge importance of LinkedIn profiles for new as well as the existing jobseekers.

A big part of the career success program focuses on weekly tasks to improve your LinkedIn profiles, keys to write the perfect resume and be noticed among the crowd.