Student Technology Support

Ajman University (AU) is providing the mentioned below technology services to students:

  1. The Internet through Wi-Fi;
  2. E-Learning Management System (Moodle);
  3. Online Registration System (ORS); and
  4. Email and OneDrive (Personal Storage on Internet Cloud)

For the IT Policies and Procedures, please click Here

The IT Office is providing User Account to students to access the services mentioned above.

User Account:

  • The User Account and password is an authorized User Name to login to computers in labs or any of IT resources such as Moodle, ORS, Email and Wi-Fi at AU.
  • The password should be minimum 8-characters.

User Account and Password will be used to access the following services:

1.   AU Network Access

A student may access the PCs in any of the Computer labs in AU using the User Account and Password.

2.   Email and Office 365

Student email address will be:

The password will be:

3.   ORS/ Moodle System

The User Account for ORS and Moodle is, and the password for both is the same as the User Account/Email.

4.   Wi-Fi Access

The student must have the User Account and password to access the Wi-Fi service on campus. The Wi-Fi service is available in all campus’s buildings, Women hostel, and Men hostel 

Activation Period of the User Account

The User Account remains active as long as the student status is active.


The User Account and password for all AU’s systems is same, and remain same as long as you did not change any of them or you change the network password.

You may change the password through AU’s PCs in any computer lab, where it will be changed for all user accounts subsequently.

General FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) related to all User Account

What is the User Account for the student?

By default, the User Account is the student ID

How does the student request his/her User Account information (User Name and Password)?

All the User Accounts will be created for the freshmen students after the student being admitted to AU, and sent to personal email, which was registered in the Admission.

Should the student request the User Account and password at the beginning of each semester?

No, the User Account remains the same until the student graduates and the password remain the same unless the student resets it.

What should the student do if he/she forgets the password?

in order to reset the password, please follow the following procedure:

  • Be sure that your active mobile number is correct on the Admission &n Registration records, as an SMS will be sent directly to that mobile number registered in the system).
  • Pay AED 15 at the Finance Office.
  • Helpdesk will receive an E-mail notification,
  • SMS will be sent to the student’s mobile with the new password within two to three working hours from the received email notification.

Note: this password is case sensitive and student cannot change it outside AUST campus

For any inquiries concerning any of the above, please call the helpdesk on 06-7056-500 or send an email to

Wi-Fi Access

The Wireless service gives students the privilege to use his/her personal Laptop and internet only.
All active students have a privilege to the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Regulations:

In order to use the Wi-Fi connection, all users will be required to abide by the I.T. internet/Labs Policies.


  • Personal Laptop with a Wireless Network card, or Smart Phone. 
  • The student’s User Account and Password, which sent to student’s personal email after being admitted.

Email and Office 365


AU providing email service for students through an agreement with Microsoft for Office 365.

This agreement includes the below mentioned services:

  • Email with 50 GB.
  • OneDrive with 1 TB Personal Storage for saving documents, pictures.
  • Online MS Apps.

Email Access:  


  • AUST email is the official email for contact in the university. Any received email from personal email may ignore.
  • You will be requested to update your information after your first login; the information you enter should be correct.

Online Registration System

 General Guide to Online Registration System 

1. Introduction

The Online Registration System allows students, through the Internet, to register, drop, or add courses within the registration period and the Advisor to do advising for the students by approving/rejecting requested courses by the student or recommending some others.

1.1. What is the Online Registration System (ORS)?

 The System provides for students the option to register courses, without the advisor’s prior approval, offered by their colleges during the scheduled registration periods. The students can modify their course selection by adding and/or dropping courses. However, when the registration period is over, all previously registered courses by the students will be viewable in the system. 

2.The ORS Features:

The students may or may not have prior experience using such system. Ideally, any student can identify him/herself to the system, to do the following:

  1. Register, Add or Drop course/courses during the registration period.
  2. Pay registration fees Online through a secure web access.

    View the following: 
  • Timetable, and print it out.
  • Transcript
  • Student Information
  • Degree Analysis
  • Financial records
  • Current Transactions.
  • Change the login password 

3. Login information Policy:

The student should be in compliance with following:

  • The Login information (user Account and password) is the same as for the Moodle systems and it is integrated with AU Network. i.e. if the password has been changed for any of these systems, the online password will be changed sub-sequentially and vice versa. 
  • If the student loses or forgets his/her password, he/she should follow the Change/Reset Password process

    4. The Terms and Conditions of using the ORS:    

The student may use the system to register, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The registration is done during the registration schedule, drop and add period, as published by Admission and Registration Deanship;
  • The student should have registered all courses as outlined in his/her study plan and should not have had any exceptions during his/her study period
  • The student status is not suspended, prohibited, canceled, or does not have an academic Block from the Admissions & Registration Deanship;
  • The student has an Academic Advisor entered on the Oracle System;
  • The student has regular financial status;
  • The student has a 2000 AED down payment in his university account;
  • The student has no academic warnings.
  • The student email is active.
  • The advisor or student cannot register completed courses, i.e. courses have already passed. The advisor may use the Oracle System to register such a course. 

5.The ORS Procedures:  

The registration process on the ORS is based on registration request to the advisor before starting the actual registration. The ORS process is as follows: 

  • The student has a down payment of 2000 AED. He/she may pay online using the ORS.
  • The student will login to the ORS, select 3 to 8 courses from the list of offered but not already taken courses of the study plan, and select the preferred sections and timing for the approved courses.
  • The student will click Save to confirm registration.  

E-Learning System (Moodle)

E-Academic services department is providing the E-learning system to the students. The used system for E-Learning is Moodle.

Moodle System:

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS). It is an Online Web Application that helps educators create online courses with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content.

Each student has username and password for Moodle. The username and password are the same as User Account for all IT services. The student will have access to the content of the courses that he/she has registered for the current semester.

The student may evaluate the university’s services, the taken courses, and the Advisor each semester on Moodle system. This evaluation helps AU to improve the education services and resources.