In line with its vision, AU is eager to ensure the success of the education it provides. Student accommodation is therefore given the highest priority, as it plays a key role in student wellbeing and can have a positive impact on academic performance. For this reason, an independent organization has been founded which is concerned with every aspect of life in the student accommodation, for example, matters of comfort, the provision of meals, the mini-market, health club, internet amongst others.

In addition, the organization offers additional free facilities, for example, electricity and water, study rooms, libraries, and newspapers.

  • Well-designed rooms equipped with all the modern amenities.
  • Continuous supervision (day and night) by qualified supervisors.
  • Comfortable transportation between the accommodation and the university. Transportation is also provided for shopping trips and visits.
  • Security - all residential halls are protected by security staff patrols.
  • Curfew - staff monitor attendance records regularly for absences. Repeated violation of attendance regulations may result in dismissal from the residential hall for one or more semesters.
  • Housekeeping – student rooms are cleaned at least once a week, and all common areas are cleaned daily
  • Hostel Leave - all resident students are expected to sleep in their residential hall every night, except during official closing periods or upon verification with hostel staff by parents/guardians

To conclude, The Office of Student Affairs is eager to promote the quality of life in the hostels. The Director pays regular visits, meeting students and listening to their suggestions and complaints. The Office also receives regular reports from advisors concerning conditions in the halls and takes action as necessary.