Medical Services

Healthcare delivery is a complex process. Patients come to us in a time of need; they entrust us with their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It is our duty and obligation to meet and exceed their expectations by delivering high-quality care that is safe, effective, and timely. We will aim at delivering care that will attain the highest level of patient satisfaction and comfort.

Vision & Mission


Provide safe, efficient and timely patient-centered quality care.


The Medical Services Department is staffed with 22 Doctors, 20 Allied MOH licensed Staff.

It seeks to complement the academic mission of Ajman University and is dedicated to providing educational, supportive, consultative healthcare services to students, staff, and eligible dependents. In doing so the MSD strives to make the campus a healthy and safe place to study, work and live.

  • We provide compassionate care without compromise.
  • We support health awareness campaigns.
  • We engage in updates to advance knowledge and well-being.


  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Confidentiality 

At Ajman University Medical Center, we are committed to:

  • Provide primary health care to students, staff, dependents and campus guests on daily basis.
  • Provide Round-the-clock services for campus people, and hostel residents during and after working hours, at weekends and on holidays
  • Provide a healthy atmosphere to accomplish the university objective of a disease-free community
  • Provide high quality integrated health services in a timely manner with complete customer satisfaction

Services: (Medical & Dental)

  1. I) General Medical Clinics Staffed with:
  • Two Female clinics (Jurf 1, 2), Two Male clinics (Jurf 1, 2), and a Hostel clinic, to provide primary health care treatment and health education on common diseases.
  • Nursing: Comprehensive nursing care and services, including routine and emergency cases, recording patient details and providing treatment.
  • Reception: Receiving patients, preparing the patient files and records, recording personal data, preparing daily, monthly and annually statistics.
  • Referral System and Follow-up: Coordinating referrals for urgent cases to hospital specialists if necessary and following up chronic cases.
  • Carrying out medical checkups for all new students
  • Medical Insurance work for our staff members and their dependents
  • Collaborating with community organizations to conduct health programs and awareness raising activities including No Tobacco campaigns, Diabetes, Breast Cancer awareness events
  • Supporting students with special needs or disabilities who require assistance in their activities within the campus.
  • The AU medical clinics’ services are free of charge and available round the clock.
  • All health records, forms, and documentations are confidentially kept. The release or transfer of medical Information requires patient's approval, unless legally authorized, or in a life-threatening situation.
  • IBCLC Doctor on Ajman University Campus, the first university in UAE providing this service for all AU students&staff, to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding as a golden rule in infant feeding.

Our Team

Medical Clinics 

-Dr Fetta Djessas                 Medical Services Office Manager                         

- Mr. Adnan Abdulghani      Healthcare & Administrative Coordinator            

- Mr. Abdel Aziz Hameed     Healthcare & Administrative Coordinator           

- Mrs. Hakima Fares             Healthcare & Administrative Coordinator                           

- Sr. Usha Kunju Pillai                         Nurse                                                     

- Sr. Amna Abdelsalam                   Hostel Nurse                                             

- Sr. Eyman Sayed                           Hostel Nurse                                             

- Sr. Nafissa Mekki                          Hostel Nurse                                             

- Mrs. Nawal El Kenzi             Administrative Coordinator                               

Contact us

Campus Medical clinics

Secretary Office:


Ext:  6263

Jurf 1 Clinics:

Block A, Ground Floor

Male Clinic: 6315

Female Clinic: 6294

Female Clinic: 6380

Jurf 2 Clinics:

Block A, Second Floor

Male Clinics: 6732, 6733

Female Clinic: 6773, 6732

Fall & Spring hours:

Sunday – Thursday

7:30am – 8:00 pm

Hostel Clinic: 06/ 705 6918

The hostel medical clinic is a facility for currently enrolled students and staff members of Ajman University.

A medical examination is required for all AU student residence to rule out any contagious disease which can affect our residents.

Any pre-existing medical conditions should be reported to the medical clinic to be aware of the case and handle the situation with the care it needs (Read more on AU Hostel website)


  Medical services offered from     07:30 am – 08:00 pm (Campus Clinics), and

  The hostel clinic serves from     03:00 pm – 07:00 am (Sunday - Thursday)

  Round-The-Clock Service:          07:00 am – 07:00 am (Weekends & Holidays)